Get the Good Kind of Stress by Hiring a Car Rental


What you need to know when getting a car rental

“Stress” is often associated with the bad — health problems, burnout, depression, anxiety, etc. But truth be told, stress can also be associated with positive feelings of exhilaration, well-being, vigor and fulfillment. Can’t believe it? Positive stress is known as “eustress” while the bad one is called “distress.” And both of kinds can be experienced while on vacation. The choice is yours. Which one do you prefer?

One of the best ways to make sure you get eustress more than distress is hiring a car. To help you in choosing the right rental car, heed these pieces of advice:

Get a car that’s big enough for the number of people and luggage you’re taking. Also, consider if there are children on board. Kids don’t respond well to cramped spaces. To maintain everyone’s happy spirits, a roomy car is your best option. Moreover, you should also think about fuel consumption. If you’re not careful, fuel might eat up a huge chunk of your travel budget. So, get to know the rental car models that are available.

Go online and search for a car rental company

Check out several agencies and get quotes from each. Compare which one offers the best price for the type of car you want. Also, take note of the features that comes with your rental car. GPS and music players are often pretty standard. Aside from that, do a websearch for every rental company’s reputation. Read what past clients have said about their service and the quality of their cars.

Once you’ve chosen a rental car company, pick up the phone. Talk to someone who can fully explain the services that they offer, what’s covered by the rental costs, if taxes are included or not, other charges, car features, and special deals. In addition, take note of the attitude of the person you’re talking. Is their representative courteous and accommodating? Does he seem knowledgeable about their services? It they sound professional over the phone there’s a huge chance they’re easy to deal with.

Test out the car before committing to it. Spare some time to inspect the car if everything is in proper condition. Is the steering wheel easy to work with? Does the brake work perfectly? How about the air conditioning system? Moreover, don’t hesitate to ask for a test drive. You should be completely comfortable with rental car you are driving. If something doesn’t feel right, request for a different car.

These, along with preparation, research and finding out how the e-tolling system works in Sydney could guarantee a less-stress if not stress-free trip.